Hiring an Intern @ Path Ventures!

Billy Draper
2 min readAug 21, 2020


UPDATE (9/8/2020): We are no longer accepting applications for this role. Thank you for your interest and we will continue to share opportunities as they arise.

I tried to compress this into a tweet, but it didn’t fit — so here’s the spillover:

Path Ventures is a newly-formed early-stage Venture Capital fund based in San Francisco. We invest between $150k-$300k into early-stage startups building delightful and transformative products. We’re looking for an intern!

Ideal Candidate:
😋 Optimistic
🛸 Early adopter
👋 Community-builder
🏹 Highly interested in venture capital as a career
📱 Keeps up with tech news for fun

🎯 Identifying and presenting early-stage investment opportunities
📈 Market research an deep-dives
🎙 Delighting our growing list of portfolio companies with thoughtful outreach and communication
🗣 Building and growing a social media presence for Path Ventures
⚒ Designing tools or methodology behind scaling all of the above

Term & Info:
⏲ 6-months, possibility for extension
🕰 Approximately 8–12 hrs/week
📞 Internship will be entirely remote
💵 Paid

If you or someone you know is interested, send a blurb about yourself to (removed as we are no longer accepting applications). Conventional resume is fine, but extra points for creativity and moxie.

Took me awhile to find all of the right emojis for this post, so let’s find someone good.



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